“Le travail du peintre”, a poem written in French and dedicated to his friend Pablo Picasso, who drew a picture of a dove of peace and signed it.

The Book of Leaves, a unique hand-made copy.

“The Book of Leaves
by Pablo Neruda
November 1971

Unique specimen made for Ugne Karvelis.”

“The leaves are falling
from a
forgotten autumn.

Falling towards the
abyss of the

Video subtitled in Spanish and Italian
The collector, lawyer Nurieldín Hermosilla, and the writer Norma Alcamán Riffo, Curator of this exhibition, working together.

The lawyer Nurieldín Hermosilla, a member of the Society of Chilean Bibliophiles, receives at his home a visit from Norma Alcamán Riffo and Paolo Tiezzi Mazzoni della Stella Maestri, President of the Società Bibliografica Toscana. Next to them, the photo of Picasso and Neruda in a friendly